about erica

photo by Carey MacArthur

photo by Carey MacArthur

Hi, I’m Erica, a Mindful Life + Success Coach. My work fuses the mystical with the practical. 

I guide my clients with warmth, compassion, and grounded stability while intertwining my personal studies in neuroscience and quantum physics with the enchanting effects of ancient practices like meditation and reiki.  Those I work with shed accumulated stresses and connect to their inner resources, allowing their innate reservoir of deep relaxation, clarity, ease, and inspiration to be restored.

My work is soulful and designed to reveal not only your physical power but also to connect and strength your inner power - an ever-present source of guidance and support.  My clients depart with a tranquil mind and revitalized body confident they’ve cultivated strength in both body and mind.

While coaching is my primary practice, I’m also a trained yoga and meditation teacher.