Over the years Erica has worked with a vast array of clients to help them to reach their individual and group fitness and wellness goals.

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events + corporate wellness

Erica's had the pleasure to bring yoga, meditation and wellness programming and experiences to companies including Spotify, Venmo, Paypal, Via, Calvin Klein, Tumblr and many more. She has led a variety of events for influencers, press, birthdays and more to audiences varying in size from 5 - 300. In addition she has had her teachings digitally streamed during the MogulX 2018 Conference to thousands of viewers.

wellness consultant

Erica’s unique blend of work in both the corporate business, start up + wellness worlds is a perfect fusion to understand the challenges and needs of businesses looking to add a little TLC to their business model. Visit Erica’s press page for some highlights of her contribution to the wellness world.

photo by Matthew Hirsch

photo by Matthew Hirsch

group classes

Access Erica’s group class schedule here and read the testimonials here. For private or semi private instruction please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

mindfulness coaching

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Learn the Art of Success with Less Stress

Private + Group Mindfulness Coaching

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private + group mindfulness coaching for female entrepreneurs

Are you constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and endlessly navigating life's challenges? Do you never have enough time to get it all done or to simply get a good night's rest?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then private mindfulness coaching might just be the perfect opportunity for you shift your outer experience by transforming your inner-world.  

Over the course of several months together I will teach you everything I know on how to harness the power of mindfulness.  Everything that's helped me to go from living a life full of stress, overwhelm, and scarcity to a whole new reality full of ease, relaxation, freedom, and abundance. 

#BreakTheHustle with me and start living a life you truly love.

what does it mean to break the hustle?

I empower anyone who identifies as a woman and anyone who honors the female aspect of themself to #BreakTheHustle.  What is #BreakTheHustle? First off we must define the Hustle. “The Hustle” is a byproduct of the Patriarchy. It’s the grind. And it’s no longer necessary. It’s the outdated mode of celebrating one’s depletion and exhaustion in the name of hard work.  It’s the idea that wellbeing and working well cannot co-exist. I’m happily here to tell you that wellbeing and work CAN coexist!

I coach my clients to achieve the radical act of breaking the hustle by activating or reinvigorating their inherent (and sometime dormant) uniquely feminine super powers, teaching mindfulness skills, designing bespoke self-love & self-care practices, introducing the practice of deep rest (yoga nidra meditation technique), implementing healthy boundaries, and introducing the principle of an inspired action based workflow.

why female leaders + entrepreneurs?

I know with every part of me that empowering women empowers the world.  My day-to-day work is fueled by my unwavering faith that when one woman’s sense of self-worth and wellness expands that there is a ripple expansion effect of all the women in her radius. In this work the woman in all of us heals and the whole world heals.

#BreakTheHustle is not against men instead it’s pro-equality & it’s pro-wellbeing for all of the genders.  It is against toxic masculinity. It’s a guidance system which offers all people an opportunity to redesign their lives in ways which liberate them from the chains of the system and expand their vision beyond the paradigms that oppress them into the solutions that they are uniquely position to create through their industry.  Solutions which organically create spaces and avenues to heal society.


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