Learn the Lost Practice of Deep Rest

Yoga Nidra - Reiki - Hypnosis - Restorative movement

I’ve got this theory about why Reiki feels so magically cathartic. It goes like this… Feeling is Healing and Healing is Feeling
I believe emotions are like water and they desire + require channels to travel through us. They want to travel their course through the body like rivers until they're ultimately released into the greater emotion ocean
Unfortunately, most of us are rarely allow them to flow. We’re conditioned to both consciously suppress + subconsciously repress difficult emotions. We’re shamed into the unrealistic expectation of “good vibes only” but when all our other vibes are stuffed down they get trapped in our bodies, manifesting as pain, discomfort and tightness
Reiki gives permission and presence to your FULL experience. Either by adhering your own compassionate attention or allowing the supportive presence of a Reiki practitioner. When our emotions are acknowledged and honored they don’t have to fight so hard to get attention and they find their natural course to release
So, I invite you to let yourself feel. Your emotions are friends designed to inspire you to take care of you

Long ago in the time before the internet and instagram humans practiced deep rest

It’s been lost in the hustle and of trying to keep up demands of our jobs and the always on lifestyle that technology has created

Without the practice of deep rest we're so busy, tired and burned out. The mass glorification of the hustle trapped us in a culturally fallacy- a trance that says we have to do more in order to be more. Naturally inner peace and thriving feels out of reach but it doesn't have to be this way. You can exist outside of this limiting paradigm. You can learn how to practice Deep Rest. It's a radical act to practice deep rest, it’s a healing & almost a sort of magic. It’s your own personal alchemy to return to the nature of who you truly are meant to be: relaxed, happy and free. Read below to learn about the practices of Deep Rest.

YOGA NIDRA aka sleep meditation

What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep or sleep meditation, is a guided meditation typically done in supported savasana (lying on your back with comfortable props).

The experience is a blissful journey into the subconscious to release stuck mental, physical, and emotional tension. With the support of me as your guide you’ll travel throughout the body to effortlessly release physical tension, slowly working your way deeper into the layers of the mind.

This meditation is accessible for all-levels of meditators and operates as both a relaxation system and a personal development system.

Yoga Nidra personally helped me in my recovery from PTSD, adrenal fatigue and burnout while also bolstering my self-confidence and self-image. Yoga Nidra is recognized by the US Government as supportive practice to aid US Veterans recovering from PTSD, it is also offered in prisons, and in corporate offices to help employees meet the demands of high pressure jobs.

Benefits of yoga nidra:

  • SLEEP QUALITY - improves sleep quality and the ability to fall asleep. Eases symptoms of insomnia with potential to eradicate insomnia all-together

  • MENTAL PERFORMANCE - improves memory, enhances brain function, creative problem solving abilities and visualization. Re-balances the nervous system, hormone regulation, and the left + right hemispheres of the brain

  • PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE - eases physical tensions and is particularly supportive when recovering form a physical injury such as a a concussion or even major surgery

I teach regular classes at Life Time Athletic at Sky, corporate offices and I teach workshops throughout NYC. For information about my class and workshop schedule please connect with me on instagram @ericasergott or send me a message through my website. I trained in this healing system with Sho Higuchi and Yogi Charu at Sacred Sounds Yoga and Pure Yoga, respectively.

Reiki energy healing

Reiki is an ancient energetic healing modality which originates from Japan. It’s a light hands on or “hovering” hands practice that helps move stagnant energy through the body to support the body’s own natural process of healing.

Reiki gives permission and presence to your full experience. Either by adhering your own compassion attention or by allowing the supportive presence of a Reiki practitioner, like myself. When our emotions are acknowledged and honored they don’t have to fight so hard to get attention and they find their natural course of release.

I’m trained Reiki practitioner through Maha Rose Center for Healing with Lisa Levine and Erika Spring.

Clinical Hypnosis

I became certified in clinical hypnosis to bridge my gap of understanding of between Yoga Nidra and Hypnosis. While I initially didn’t plan to practice hypnosis my education revealed to me it’s benefits in supporting my client’s mindsets on their paths to achieving their goals. I know see it as a valuable tool that can help develop one’s own self-image and sense of self-worth. I believe it works beautifully with

I trained in Clinical Hypnosis with Reese Evans in the Krasner Method.

Restorative movement

I trained in restorative yoga, yin yoga and the melt method fascial recovery system. Each of these movement techniques applies gentle movement to relieve pain from the body and to create more space and flexibility. As space is generated in the body, space organically generates in the mind and heart. I completed these trainings with teachers Abby Paloma, Ally Bogard and Elena Brower at Yoga Vida. I’m a certified MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor trained under the method’s creator, Sue Hitzmann.

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