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Mindful Summer Camp is a 7-week virtual course to help you live your best summer

Remember when summer days were truly carefree? Running around outside until it got dark, chasing lightning bugs and ice cream trucks?

If you’re anything like me you still live for summer yet some of the Magic is gone. And while maybe you’ve got amazing friends, family, travel, and work you find yourself feeling more Mind-Full than Mindful. With the extended daylight you’re running around from rooftop happy hour, wedding season, corporate outings, and family vacations. It’s great but also exhausting.

Do you ever pause to ask yourself, where’s the ME time in all of this activity?

Was all of that really fun or were you just running around?

The truth is most of us are so busy, tired and burned out. And while the sunshine and warm weather gives us LIFE we’re still running around, never truly feeling rested, clear-minded, or re-energized.

GOOD NEWS: It’s not your fault

The mass glorification of the hustle trapped us in a culturally fallacy- a trance that says we have to do more in order to be more. Naturally inner-peace and thriving feel out of reach BUT it doesn't have to be this way. You can exist outside of this limiting paradigm.

REALITY CHECK: Change is up to you

So, while it’s not your fault it IS your choice of whether or not you’ll break free from the hustle. It's a radical act, a healing & a sort of magic. It's your own personal alchemy... You must be willing to suspend disbelief and allow yourself to believe in something better. AND you must be braving and daring to operate outside the status quo. Are you willing? Do you want more freedom, relaxation and ease? If so, learn Mindfulness Magic and Break the Hustle with me this summer.

What’s Mindfulness anyway?

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally… And then I sometimes add, in the service of self-understanding and wisdom.”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness has it origins in his Zen Buddhist and Yogic studies. These traditions were integrated with scientific findings formation of what we know as mindfulness. It’s these traditional techniques applied in a scientific rather than a religious way.

Why practice mindfulness ?





focus + memory








creative problem solving

strategic thinking





negative self-talk

self-sabotaging behaviors

“I define mindfulness as the practice of being fully present and alive, body and mind united. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us to know what is going on in the present moment.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

What’s Magic got to do with it?

As Mindfulness has its roots in the Mystical our programming will include the more mystical practices (many of which are also rooted in science) that remind us of how magical the experience of being alive truly is. These more magical tools enhance the skills of mindfulness and mindset so you can live with more freedom and fun this summer and beyond. Mysticism and is essential aspect of the human condition and will learn how to engage and “play” with these foundational concepts and dynamics to give our lives more meaning and joy.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper.”

-Eden Philpotts

Why Summer Camp?

As kids time to slow down and play was built into our calendar. We were encouraged explore, learn and try new things, enjoy the sunshine, and relax. While we may still have some of these elements in our summers often they’re experienced under the stress of work and familial pressures and/or that sneaky voice that creeps in making you feel guilty for taking and enjoying time off.

Many people wind up working on vacation and not enjoying summer activities as much as you could be able to.

Together in Summer Camp you’ll re-establish this mode of being within the parameters of adulthood.

Learning an essential skill of how to truly refresh and restore mind, body, and soul.



Mindful Summer Camp is for you if you feel any of the following…

  • You feel overwhelmed, burned out or stressed

  • You want to develop a meditation practice

  • You want practical + easy techniques to make every day more mindful and magical

  • You’re struggling with boundaries

  • You’re ready for a change, a transformation

  • You value self-care and are ready to invest in yourself

  • You want to be your own best friend

  • You want to live a life beyond status quo

  • You’re interested in energy work + law of attraction

  • You’re craving more peace + joy


Summer Camp Schedule

week 1 - welcome summer

Welcome. Logistics review. Journaling. Assignment. Self Talk. Intention Setting. Clarity. Time Techniques: Inner Child, Summertime. Journaling. Desired REality. Intention Setting Medi. Preparing the camp site

week 2 - myth of balance

Constant state of motion. Self-care, boundaries, priorities, values + goals sync up. Self-advocating. Seek alignment over balance. Basics of Energy Balancing. Mindfulness Practices for the everyday. Mindful Coffee + Teeth brushing medi. What is MINDFULNESS? The reality of balance and what to do instead: awareness, intention, and attention

week 3 - what’s fun got to do with it? when work becomes play

Remember when we went outside and played? Art of Success with Less Stress. Creating Joy from Mindful Attention. What does it mean to be in the present moment? What does it mean to play? When did play become work? Our mindset to what we’re doing and how we’re spending our time. AND what we’re choosing to spend out time on. Break the Hustle. Arts + Crafts : The Art of Doing Nothing. Overcoming Anxiety Medis

week 4 - Summer is a state of mind

Why do we feel so good in the summertime? We spend more time outdoors often in nature, with friends (proven effects of community), vitamin d, healing powers of nature, moving our bodies (proven benefits of exercise), etc. all things that add up to good self-care. Self Care RX. - Loving Kindness starts with yourself. Loving Kindness medi? SPF. Emotional Acuity. Summer Friday. Meditations/Hypnosis/NLP. Making friends with our “enemies” aka contrast. Sunshine in YOU. Affirmation

week 5 - Be A bronzed goddess

Masculine and Feminine Dynamic. Channel your summer goddess. Asking for your needs. Allowing yourself to receive. Art of Allowing/Receiving Medi, River flowing. Yin and Yang

week 6 - magic Camp

A mini camp within a camp. Law of Attraction 101 + 102. Working with Magic. Practical Magic. EFT. How LOA enhances meditation. Precursor to future courses

week 7 - eternal summer

Keep the vibes flowing into the Fall. Mindset on point. Do these things… Accountability partners, partner meditates with you, 1-on-1 coaching, classes, meditations on insight timer, community, etc. Celebrate! Review: Goals made & goals missed. Gratitude medi



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Pack Your Baggage… and leave it behind

Your time is now, dear one. Don’t let this moment pass

If you let this moment pass you risk…. staying stuck, waking up once Fall hits feeling the same old, same old

All live content will be recorded so no need to worry about your travel schedule.

This is the ONLY time this live-course will be offered at this rate. Next summer the prices will double, at least.

Unbelievable price the comes out to the price of about a yoga class/week. It’s an even better deal if you sign up with a friend!

You won’t find this combination of teachings and modalities anywhere else as this is my signature brand of mindfulness coaching developed over years of research, introspection, self-study, and practical application.

Invest in Yourself. You’re Worth it.

Working with me privately is currently a $6,500 investment…

Sign up with a friend, partner, or lover for only $333

Have yourself a Mindful + Magical Summer

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About Erica Sergott



I’m a Mindfulness Magic Life Coach who offers reiki and teaches yoga + meditation.  My work fuses the mystical with the practical. I guide my students and clients with warmth, compassion, and grounded stability while intertwining my personal studies in neuroscience and quantum physics with the enchanting effects of ancient practices.  Those I work with shed accumulated stresses and connect to their inner resources, allowing their innate reservoir of deep relaxation, clarity, ease, and inspiration to be restored.

I completed my Reiki 1 + 2 at Maha Rose. My work fuses the mystical with the practical.  I guide my students and clients with warmth, compassion, and grounded stability while intertwining her personal studies in neuroscience and quantum physics with the enchanting effects of ancient practices.  Those I work with shed accumulated stresses and connect to their inner resources, allowing their innate reservoir of deep relaxation, clarity, ease, and inspiration to be restored.

I’m a Mindfulness Coach for Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders with a passion supporting female leaders to thrive and beat burnout.

I coach my clients to achieve the radical act of “breaking the hustle” by activating or reinvigorating their inherent feminine super powers. I teach mindfulness skills, design bespoke self-love & self-care practices, introduce the practice of deep rest (yoga nidra meditation technique), implement healthy boundaries, and introduce the principle of an inspired action based workflow.

I know with every part of me that empowering women empowers the world.  My day-to-day work is fueled by my unwavering faith that when one woman’s sense of self-worth and wellness expands that there is a ripple expansion effect of all the women in her radius. In this work the woman in all of us heals and the whole world heals.