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Erica is passionate about helping others feel good

She believes feeling good is your birthright

"Erica is the reason I decided to give yoga another shot..."

Erica is the reason I decided to give yoga another shot after my botched attempt years ago (at another place).  She has this calm demeanor about her that radiates such peace.  She explained to me exactly what the objectives of yoga are and what it can do for my life, which is totally inspiring.

Erica has this inner glow that encourages me to persevere with yoga in the hopes that I get to even a tenth of that.  I don't know if I'll get there anytime soon, but I'm enjoying the journey immensely.

-Chat Stacey

photo by Carey MacArthur

photo by Carey MacArthur

"Practicing with Erica is a gift you bestow upon yourself..."

Practicing with Erica is a gift you bestow upon yourself, one filled with a delightful mix of relaxation and challenge.  Her careful guidance and attentive presence provide a safe and accommodating environment, where one is able to connect with one’s physical and inner power.  One leaves class with a tranquil mind, feeling grounded, centered and balanced, and with an empowering set of tools that enable one to stay calm and present amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

- M.S.

"Zen, Energized and Ready to Conquer NYC."

We were a group of 5 from Montreal and had Erica as our private yoga teacher in Central Park. It was truly the highlight of our girls bachelorette weekend.  Erica was fantastic, and knows her yoga! We felt zen, energized and ready to conquer NYC. We will absolutely call her again next time we are in the Big Apple. Thank you Erica for making our trip so memorable.

-Kelly, Nathalie, Andree, Sophie and Helene

"Accessible and Empowering..."

Erica's approach to yoga is exactly how I appreciate it: accessible and empowering. Her knowledge of the practice is clearly grounded in years of personal experience with it, and yet, isn't alienating. She's friendly and warm, makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk into class, and remembers students' names. She even goes the extra mile to ask about personal goals and helps students visualize them in an effort to set themselves up for success.


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